Post-Christmas `fatbergs` wreaking havoc in UK

January 27,2016 at 04:28 am

It`s an unpleasant and unwanted side-effect from Christmas dinners. Some people scrape plates into the sink without a second thought, but all that Christmas waste is turning into quite the drain-clogger, not just in your own kitchen but in the streets and sewers in the form of what have become known as `fatbergs.`

In the UK, congealed turkey fat is threatening to clog pipes weeks after festive feasts took place, and all it could take is one heavy rain for streets to flood with smelly sewage.

In Bedfordshire, 330 feet of pipes have been affected by a chain of fatbergs, according to Bedford Today. In order to remove it, officials shipped in a remote-controlled robot from the Netherlands to manouvre the clog.

According to the Telegraph, congealed fat often combines with wet wipes, even the ones that say they`re "flushable" - to form the giant fatbergs.

As it turns out, the best way to avoid this mess is to put off doing the dishes for a while, officials say.

"When fat gets poured down plugholes it congeals and sticks to the sewers creating blockages," Nik Shelton of Anglian Water, the company charged with solving the Bedfordshire fatberg problem, said in a statement.

"We hope that our customers will see this and understand the problems fats in our sewer system cause. If you have any leftover grease or fat from cooking, our advice is to allow it to cool and solidify before scraping it into your bin or recycling caddy."

The fatbergs aren`t just disgusting, they`re expensive. According to The Mirror, Anglian Water spent more than £15 million, clearing out eight Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of fat from sewers in their area last year alone.